Role of Parental Believes and Focus to Improve the Quality of Islamic Schooling in the Western World


  • Ruba ALSHBOUL Assistant professor, AL Balqa Applied University, Department of Basic science
  • Haifa FAWARIS Sharia and Islamic Studies, Department of Islamic Studies, Irbid, Jordan
  • Asmaa ALSHBOOL Yarmouk University- Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies - Department of Islamic Studies


Parental focus, school environment, parental beliefs, religiously motivated parents, involvement in Islamic activities, quality of Islamic schooling


Purpose the Islamic schooling quality is a global requirement that has drawn the attention of several recent studies and policymakers. The primary objective of the current study was to examine the impact of parental focus such as their demand of quality education and their concerns regarding school environment, parental beliefs such as religiously motivated parents and their involvement in Islamic activities on the quality of Islamic schooling in the Western World. Methods The study followed the primary data collection techniques, such as using the questionnaires to gather the data from respondents. It also executed the smart-PLS to check the reliability and validity and examine the nexus among variables.

Findings The results investigated that parental demand for quality education, parental concerns regarding school environment, religiously motivated parents, and their involvement in Islamic activities had positive linkage with the quality of Islamic schooling in the Western World. Implications for Research and Practice This study could; be a useful guide for the regulators and relevant authorities to develop and implement the policies regarding the quality of Islamic schooling. This study would also provide help to Islamic schools in the Western World and Islamic countries to improve the quality of Islamic schooling.