Investigating Attitudes and Feelings Towards Volunteering: A Comparison of Arab and non-Arab students


  • Shamma FATHI The Arab Academic College for Education Israel, P. O. box 114, Haifa
  • Alia KASSEM The Arab Academic College for Education Israel, P. O. box 114, Haifa.


Volunteering, Outstanding Student, Israeli students, Motives of volunteering


Purpose Volunteer activities play an important role in shaping students with various skills including self-identity and soft skills.  This study aimed to explore the attitudes of outstanding students at the Arabic Academic College for Education in Israel and Students at Other Colleges in Israel towards voluntarism Methodology: There were two questionnaires used in this study to collect data from 100 students selected through the purposive sampling technique: the first included 34 items, which collected data on the motives of volunteering; the second involved 9 items on their perception about volunteerism. The descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used to analyze the data, Findings:  The results indicate that: Arabic College students perceive volunteer activities as more helpful in their future career in comparison with the perception of the students from other colleges. However, no significant differences were found between the Arabic College students and students at other colleges in terms of their feelings and attitude toward the volunteer activities they perform. Implications to Research and Practice. This research would be a useful reference to volunteering individuals and organisations planning to volunteer in Israel or the surrounding regions