Factors Affecting Students' Satisfaction with Academic Advisory Services in Jordan: A Case Study of Al Shoubak College


  • Walaa Ahmad Mohammad Alshuaybat , Lecturer, Shoubak college, Department of Educational science, Maan, Jordan/Al- Balqa' Applied University (BAU), JORDAN


Academic Advising, Student Satisfaction; Faculty-student advising relationship; Academic achievement; Student retention


Purpose: Students at universities in Jordan often express dissatisfaction with the quality of academic advisory. This study aims to investigate students’ perception to understand the degree of satisfaction and awareness of Al-Shoubak college students with their academic advising services. Research Methodology: A descriptive survey using a non-probabilistic composite sample of 100 purposive selected sample of students represented a percentage of 79% of the population. The sample comprised 33% males and 67% females. First, second, third, and fourth-year students’ ratios were 43%, 35%, 14%, and 8%, respectively. intermediate diploma, bachelor's degree and higher diploma students’ rates was 40%, 48%, 12% respectively. Appropriate statistical procedures were used based on research questions. Findings: The results showed a high degree of students’ satisfaction with the academic advising services at the college, except for advisory services offered to medium satisfaction levels. The overall results mean was (3.53). The results also showed no statistically significant differences from the coefficient of variation (α = 0.5) attributed to each variable separately. There is a statistically significant relationship at the coefficient of variation (α = 0.5) attributed to the three variables together. Implications to Research and Practice: The study recommends that advisors must be trained to give them the needed skills and knowledge to better help students. Secondly, it is necessary to hold instructional seminars directed at new students to familiarize them with the university facilities, the study plan, their academic advisor, and the university