Investigating the Attitudes and Practices of ELT Teachers in UTASA towards Professional Development for Online Learning


  • Aamir Said AL-ABRI Universiti Sains MALAYSIA
  • Al-Amin Bin MYDIN Universiti Sains MALAYSIA


COVID-19, CPD, ELT, Online Teaching, UTASA


Purpose: Due to the emergent COVID situation, the teachers of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Al- Musanna, Oman (UTASA) had to abruptly switch over to online teaching platforms like Microsoft Teams. They encountered unexpected challenges. This research study aimed to survey the opinions of ELT teachers in UTASA to cope up with such an unanticipated mode of study. The specific objective of this study was to investigate the attitudes and practices of ELT Teachers in UTASA towards professional development during emergency situations like the COVID-19. Research Methods: This study adopted a quantitative research design to reach the intended population in the University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Al- Musanna, Oman (UTASA). A questionnaire tool, Attitude and Practices Scale for Professional Development, was prepared for this study to elicit information about participants’ attitudes and practices of towards professional development for online learning. Findings: The results of the study found no remarkable consistency in the surveyed teachers’ thoughts and reflections regarding their attitudes. While some opted for more CPD opportunities, others believed that significant administrative challenges- including time and workload- were the hindrance. Implications for Research and Practice: The abrupt shift to online teaching showed that teachers in UTASA needed professional development as a few teachers faced challenges to cope with such changes. The continuous professional development (CPD) therefore would therefore benefit ELT teachers in such abrupt transitions of the teaching mode. CPD courses would also open new horizons for the ELT teachers and take them a step ahead of merely learning about teaching methodology.